How To Do An Eyelash Extension Patch Test?

How To Do An Eyelash Extension Patch Test? - Eyesy Lash

How to do an eyelash extension patch test? It's critical to do a lash extension glue patch test on new clients.

A couple of way to do it

1. Apply a tiny amount of eyelash extension glue to the most distant lashes in the outer corner of the eyes. 

2. Put a dab of eyelash glue behind one of the client's earlobes. Because the skin is so sensitive there, any reaction from a customer would be visible. 

3. Apply 3-4 lashes to the outer corner of the client's eyes and wait 24 hours to see if the patient has a reaction. 

4. Wait 24 hours and then proceed with the application if there is no response. 

5. If the customer refuses to take the patch test, have them sign a liability disclaimer, stating that they accept responsibility if the eyelash glue causes an allergic reaction.

If they react to your regular eyelash glue you can try a sensitive lash glue to see if that works. 

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