The secret to creating high-level, natural-looking lashes like a professional!

You're struggling to create a beautiful, natural-looking set of eyelashes but feel like your craftsmanship isn't up to par? Creating fans for your eyelashes is time-consuming and takes a lot of effort? Tired of preparing a large number of pre-made fans for next appointment?

As lash artists, we know that creating a natural-looking volume set requires a lot of skills and experience. Artists have to master working with lash layers and making the layers compliment each other in a natural way. This process is time consuming and difficult, sometimes even to experienced artists.

However, we’ll let you in on a secret to create beautiful natural volume sets, even newbies can achieve this coveted style!

How to create feathery layered lash sets?

Normally this is done by very experienced artists who are very familiar with working with lash layers. For each layer, the artist would use a mixture of multiple lash lengths to create the slightly messy, natural finish.

In order to achieve this style you’ll need to learn how to work with multiple lash layers, and how to effectively combine different lash lengths. As with any advanced lashing technique, mastering it may take years.

However, we have the perfect tool to help you speed up this process: Camellia lash fans

What are Camellia lash fans?

Camellia Fans are specially designed synthetic lashes that have three different lengths, mimicking the eyelashes' natural growth cycle. The lengths are 2mm apart. For example a single fan can have 7mm, 9mm and 11mm lash all in one. This staggered look is ideal for natural-looking volumes!

What's even more amazing is that the Camellia Fan is made by the hands of skilled artists, so you don't need to spend too much time practicing and still have high-perfection lash fans. This means you can apply them quickly and easily and create many lash styles with a natural-looking finish in no time at all. 


What make Camellia difference?

Camellia fans lash is a revolutionary method of eyelash extensions that creates fuller, longer, and more natural-looking lashes than traditional ones. Unlike traditional extensions, which require individual lashes to be applied one at a time, the Camellia fans lash technique involves attaching multiple lashes in a fan-like pattern to create a fuller, more voluminous look. This method and product are much quicker than traditional lash extensions, giving the wearer a more luxurious look in less time.

In addition, Camellia lashes use a variety of lengths to create a textured and feather-like appearance that's unmatched by other lash extensions. By adding camellia lash extensions to your lash maps, you can customize the length, volume, and fullness to perfectly match your client's preferences and natural lash line, resulting in a truly unique and dimensional look.

Camellia lashes are the perfect tools to create the highly sought-after natural voluminous lash look, with much less hassle or experience. The trend is not dying out anytime soon, so whether you are a newbie or an experienced artist, we highly recommend trying them out!


You can check them out here.