3 Easy Steps To Remove Eyelash Extensions

October 25, 2021

3 Easy Steps To Remove Eyelash Extensions - Eyesy Lash

This week's topic is how to remove eyelash extensions. There are several reasons why you might need to do this, so it's a good idea to have it broken down so there are no questions about how to do it safely. I'll also recommend some bad a*s products to help you provide the best quality services to your clients.

Step 1: Apply Eye Pads

Unlike eyelash extension application, this isn't just about protecting the bottom lashes; it's also about protecting your client's skin. The skin under your eye is extremely sensitive and thin, and while the remover is completely safe to use and is not harsh, it can cause discomfort to your client if the proper safety precautions are not taken. Furthermore, the light color of the eye pads against your client's lashes makes it much easier to see what you're doing!

As a result, we apply Eyelash Eye Pads or Eyelash Bio-Gel Pads to the client's under-eye area. Make sure you place them comfortably, which means not too high so that your client can't close their eyes comfortably, but also not too low so that the bottom lashes are completely missed.


Step 2: Remove Eyelash Extensions

To remove the eyelash extensions, apply remover to whatever application tool you're most comfortable with that won't get remover in your client's eyes. To really get that remover in there, we recommend using two at a time and attacking the lashes from both the top of the extensions and underneath the extensions. Work with the remover and the extensions by coating the extensions with remover from base to tip. After a few minutes, the extensions should easily slide off your client's natural lash.

It is especially important to be gentle during this step. Keep in mind that you're working with an adhesive with the same strength as super glue. When attempting to remove extensions, harsh pulling may cause natural lashes to be broken or prematurely pulled out. This can damage your client's lashes not only immediately, but also permanently.

Step 3: Remove the Remover

After removing each eyelash extension, clean the lashes with a lash-safe cleanser or even just water. Whatever you believe will best cleanse the lashes while leaving no unpleasant residue is acceptable. Wipe the lashes gently (while the eye pads are still on!) to remove any remaining remover residue.

Before removing the eye pads and allowing your client to open their eyes, make sure you've thoroughly cleaned the lashes. Again, the remover is safe to use, but it stings if it gets in your eyes. That is definitely not an option! Getting lashes (whether on or off) should not be a painful experience.

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