Lash Faster, Lash Better: Mastering Efficiency in Lash Application

Efficiency is the key to success in the lash industry. As a lash artist, your time is valuable, and maximizing your productivity without compromising quality is essential. In this blog, we'll share three crucial steps to help you lash faster while maintaining exceptional results. Let's dive in!

1: Retention and Fill Frequency
When it comes to creating lash masterpieces that stand the test of time, focusing on retention and finding the right fill frequency is key. Let's dive into the details:

When you first lash a client, consider a 2-week fill interval. If your client shows up after 2 weeks with still beautiful lashes, consider extending it to 3 weeks afterward. Aim for that sweet spot of 50% lash retention after 2-3 weeks. This magic number strikes the perfect balance between longevity and lusciousness.

Remember, every client is unique, so customize fill frequencies based on their individual needs and natural lash growth cycle. Some clients might need more frequent touch-ups, while others can enjoy longer intervals.

Don't forget to stress the importance of pre-booking appointments! Clients will likely only show up at your salon when their lashes look really bad already, and you don't want that! Book their appointment beforehand to avoid this.

2: Service Preparation Steps
Efficient service preparation sets the stage for a smooth and seamless lash application process. Here's a breakdown of the essential steps:

Always kick things off with pre-service lash cleansing using gentle, lash-safe products and a soft-bristled brush. This important step ensures a pristine surface, free from oils, debris, and pesky makeup remnants that could interfere with adhesive performance. And not just on the lashes - pay special attention to cleaning around the base of the natural lashes as well. By removing any lingering residue, you'll create the perfect canvas for optimal adhesion.

When the lashes are clean, consider using primers. Primers will make your job twice as easy as the lashes will attach effortlessly. Better bonding also means better retention.

Finally, choose the adhesive carefully. This is more important than most people think. A fast-acting glue will not increase your speed if you keep having to go back and readjust the lashes you just placed. It is much more efficient to pick a glue with a drying speed you are comfortable with.

It is perfectly normal to have different glues for different sets and for different clients. If you are doing a difficult set, you may want a slower drying glue to carefully place each lash fan. If your client has sensitive eyes, you may want a low fume glue to avoid them blinking and tearing up from the irritation (which will slow your lash speed).

3: Lashing Techniques for Speed
Finally, with all the preparation steps done, you will have a much easier and faster time lashing already. However, there are still a few more tricks to lash more efficiently. Here are some techniques to help you work faster while maintaining quality:

- Pay the most attention to the bottom layer of the lashes. This is the first thing that your clients will see when they open their eyes. A full and luscious bottom layer will make the entire set look richer and more glamorous. As such, lash this layer carefully and cover every natural lashes. Once this layer is done, you can spend the remaining appointment time lashing as much and as evenly the other layers as possible.

- As an addendum to the previous trick: you should try to lash every single natural lashes of your clients every time. You will likely encounter clients whose natural lashes are so lush that you won't make any profit if you try to lash each and every single lashes. If you don want to do so, consider charging extra.

- Alternate between both of the clients' eyes when lashing. Your aim to have both eye looking symmetrical. It is much easier to maintain this symmetry if you lash both eyes at even progress at the same time.

- You don't have to manually remove every single overgrown lash when doing your clients' fill at the beginning before starting your set. It is sometimes a lot more efficient to pick them out as you move along the set.

- Less is more when it comes to brushing. Focus on the essential areas, ditch the excessive brushing, and watch the minutes melt away, giving you more time to create lash masterpieces. Don't brush when you don't have to.

- Lastly, use promade fans. Using promade fans will save you the process of having to make every single lash fans and speed you up considerably. You will have a much easier time making your lash layers (especially the all-important bottom layer) fuller and more even, and within much less time!

Get ready to revolutionize your lashing game with these speed-savvy techniques. Efficiency and quality go hand in hand, making you the superstar lash artist you were born to be.

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