Tips & Tricks For Eyelash Extensions

C Curl vs CC Curl Lashes - Eyesy Lash
Oh, the length, the diameter, and the curls! You can create unique lash looks for each client with so many options available in the eyelash extension market.However, before you flex your lashing skills, you must first understand the differences between...
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3 Types of Eyelash Extensions - Eyesy Lash
Hello there, lash artist. How was your week? Hopefully, you've been slaying lashes like crazy. This week, we'll be discussing three types of eyelash extensions. What do you mean? Isn't there more than one kind of eyelash extension? Yes, the...
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How to Become a Certified Lash Technician - Eyesy Lash
Are you a cosmetology or aesthetic student looking for a job? Are you unsure of what industry to enter but know you enjoy makeup and beauty? Do lash extensions pique your interest? Guess what... They are!Lash extensions are a lot...
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