3 special techniques to fixing lash problems

In today's post, I will give you some of the most frequent lash issues I've seen, as well as several eyelash extension treatments to help you fix them.

#1 How do you keep your bottom lashes down?


One of the most important aspects of lash service safety is anchoring bottom lashes, whether with lash tape, gel patches, or another method.


If your lashes become unanchored, it's critical to stop your process and re-anchor them. Turn on a fan to ensure that your client's eyelashes are totally dry before opening their eyes. Don't try to fix something isn't broken. Replace it with a new secure attachment and continue with your lash service.

How do you keep you bottom lashes down?


#2 How do you unstick eyelash extension from bottom lashes?


At the end of a lash session, you can see a lash stuck to the bottom of the lashes. Even if you were exceedingly careful during setup, this can happen. One of the biggest reasons is that the extension isn't done properly.


Make sure the extension's root is positioned directly on top of the natural eyelash's root and that it is securely attached. If the extension has grown out, this can also happen.

To unstick your eyelashes, gently pull them apart; they should most of the time separate. If the client's eyes are closed, softly separate the lashes. Take a deep breath and take your time; there's no need to rush.

3 Easy Eyelash Extensions Taping Tips for Easy Application - Lash BLVD

#3 Allergic reaction remedies


Allergies or irritation! To begin, determining the cause of the problem is crucial. The redness and swelling caused by the allergy will go away after the allergen is eliminated. A client's allergy might be caused by a number of circumstances. It's usually related to an allergic reaction to the adhesive if an allergy develops within the first 24-48 hours.


Although you are not a doctor, you could recommend that the client take Benadryl or use a warm compress to minimize swelling.

If you try to remove the lashes when the client is red and swollen, the chemical removal solution may irritate the client even more, resulting in further damage.

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