3 Types of Eyelash Extensions

3 Types of Eyelash Extensions - Eyesy Lash

Hello there, lash artist. How was your week? Hopefully, you've been slaying lashes like crazy. This week, we'll be discussing three types of eyelash extensions. What do you mean? Isn't there more than one kind of eyelash extension? Yes, the answer is yes. When it comes to lashes, there are actually quite a few different eyelash extension options to choose from.

We'll look at the differences between silk, mink, and faux mink eyelash extensions. Each has its own set of advantages, and deciding which type of eyelash extension is best for you and your clients can be difficult. Not to worry! We're going to assist you, babe.

Best Types of Eyelash Extensions

"What are the best types of eyelash extensions?" you may be wondering. We've got you covered! We'll go over three of the best types of eyelash extensions and the advantages of each. There may be times when you need to use each one for a specific purpose. Continue reading to find out more about these types of eyelash extensions.

Silk Lash Extensions

Silk eyelash extensions are a popular type of eyelash extension. One of their best features is that they are one of the most affordable types of eyelash extensions on the market.

Silk lash extensions are ideal if your client dislikes the overly natural lash look. Their added weight results in more dramatic results than other types of eyelash extensions. They're also thicker than some of the other options, making them more noticeable.

We adore sassy silk lashes, but they should only be worn by clients who have super-strong natural lashes, because thick extensions = heavy lashes. And we already know that over-the-top extensions can harm a client's natural lashes. On that note, don't forget to recommend a lash growth serum to your clients in order to keep their natural lashes healthy. There is no breakage here!

Mink Lash Extensions

Mink eyelash extensions are made from genuine mink fur. Brushing these creatures' tiny hairs is said to collect them. If you're going for a vegan or cruelty-free look, we recommend avoiding real mink eyelash extensions.

Don't get too worked up about it, but they're the most expensive eyelash extensions on the market, which means your clients will pay between $300 and $500 for a full set, according to Bustle's Emily McClure. We like to provide high-quality services at reasonable prices so that we can serve a diverse clientele, and mink eyelash extensions can be pricey!

Mink lash extensions are high-quality and provide a killer voluminous lash look, but you should consider whether they are within your budget. If cost isn't an issue for you or your clients, mink lash extensions are an excellent high-quality eyelash extension option.

The next type of lash extension is our personal favorite, and it will give you the look of mink lashes for a fraction of the price!

Faux Mink Lash Extensions

Faux mink eyelash extensions are the way to go.

Faux mink extensions are comparable to silk extensions in price, but they are made of polyester, which is far more versatile than silk. In addition, when compared to silk lashes, they are feather-light.

These lashes are soft and comfortable, and they come in a variety of lengths and curl types. They create a 3D layered look that we adore! Even better, no mink is involved. Babe, read vegan and cruelty-free.

With this type of eyelash extension, you can achieve a natural lash look at a low cost. If you like the look of real mink lash extensions, you should try faux mink lashes.

As you can see, each type of eyelash extension has advantages and disadvantages. Weigh the advantages to determine which option is best for you and your clients.

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