6 Lash Extensions Hacks Every Lash Artist Should Know

6 Lash Extensions Hacks Every Lash Artist Should Know

How can I improve my eyelash extension skills? Is it difficult to work as a lash technician? What are some beginner eyelash extension tips and tricks?

We've all been there as a newbie, and like you, I was clueless about a lot of things. I've tried and tested a lot of things over the years that have worked well for me. Some of my lash techniques came from other lash professionals, while others came from viewing YouTube videos about eyelash extensions, but the majority of them I tried on my own. I compiled a list of items that I believe would be valuable to you and could aid you on your lash journey.

These are the things that work well for me and might be helpful and hopefully, you can try it on too.

1. How to store lash adhesive

After you open it, store it in a vault to protect it from humidity. You can keep it in the fridge for 6 months before opening it.

This item is a storage box made specifically for eyelash adhesive. Made of high-quality materials that will last a long time. Keep the glue fresh, shorten the curing period, and extend the storage time of the eyelash extension glue.

Pro tips: Lash adhesives are extremely finicky, and environmental factors such as heat and oxygen have a significant impact on their performance. Here is some advice on how to keep your glue as fresh as possible in order to avoid any problems.

  • Tip 1: Store in the fridge

If you refrigerate your adhesive to preserve it, ensure that the temperature is not lower than 10 degrees C/50 degrees F. Store in a closed package with a silica gel pack.

  • Tip 2: Store in an airtight container

So what makes the adhesive vault so unique? Most of the air in the jar is squeezed out through the small opening when the user closes the cap, so the bottle is vacuum-sealed.

  • Tip 3: Stock up your lash adhesive in advance
You can keep them unopened in the fridge for 6 months.

  • Tip 4: Throw away your lash adhesive after 4 weeks

If you follow these instructions, your adhesive will stay as good as new for up to four weeks. For best results, replace any remaining adhesive after 4 weeks and start over with a new bottle.

2. Always burp your adhesive

Burp your glue every now and then to ensure that it lasts as long as possible (normally 4 weeks). If you don't burp the glue, air will get into it and reduce its effectiveness much more quickly.

3. Lash retention issues

  • Clean Lashes: Your clients' natural lashes should be very clean. Natural oils and dirt must be eliminated for optimum adherence. This is where lash primer comes in handy.
  • Glue: Before using your glue, give it a good shake. If you leave your glue out for too long, the chemicals may separate. Shake for 30 to 60 seconds to thoroughly combine everything.
  • Humidity: When the humidity level is between 40 and 60 percent, the lash adhesive works best. Keep track of the humidity in your lash room with a hydrometer. This is an essential tool that is very inexpensive.
  • Temperature: Make sure your glue is in the appropriate temperature range to keep it consistent.
  • Dehumidifier: If the humidity in your lash studio is high, you'll need to use a dehumidifier to keep it under control.

4. How to hold your eyelash tweezers?

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As you can see, you got the "ergonomically" part right. The method on the right is a good way to hold your tweezers.

This method keeps your wrist in a natural position, preventing tiredness and damage while gripping the lash/fan with even strain on the tweezer.

If you hold your tweezer like a pencil and find it uncomfortable to hold it the other way, keep trying DAILY to rectify it. I guarantee it will feel more natural, and you will notice a daily improvement in your speed, as well as avoid the painful ailment known as carpal tunnel syndrome.

5. Shake your lash adhesive

Lash retention is such a complicated topic that we could talk about it for hours.

If I could give you one piece of advice, it would be this: If there are additional things that need to be addressed, this may or may not help.

It will look like the first drop in the photo if your adhesive is not properly blended. It will look to have condensation on it I recommend having a glue shaker on hand because it will reduce hand fatigue and help you get the work done faster.

6. How to isolate?

Isolation technique using two hands. You can isolate lashes with both hands, which is one of the simplest ways to work on your customers' lashes. You can use your second hand to assist you in isolating until you feel comfortable utilizing only one hand.

When you use only one hand to isolate, you're using the single-handed isolation technique.

To help with isolation, tape or patches can be used to isolate the lashes vertically, allowing you to see the lash layers and lash every lash.

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