7 Tips For Master Eyelash Extension Aftercare

7 Tips For Master Eyelash Extension Aftercare - Eyesy Lash

There are numerous articles focused on lash extension clients, but where do lash artists go for information? Aftercare for eyelash extensions is essential to client retention as well as your professional reputation! So, here's the lash artist's aftercare guide! These guidelines for healthy eyelash extension aftercare are quite common and tend to stay the same regardless of adhesive or application type! You'll want to make sure that each and every one of your clientele are aware of these procedures.

Lashes should be washed every day.

The most critical eyelash extension aftercare guideline is to wash your lashes every day. Washing regularly, on the other hand, appears to be the step that clients overlook the most! You can't emphasize this enough to your lash lovers: wash, wash, wash! When we urge clients to avoid dampness and other items, they tend to believe they can't contact them at all...wrong! Having your clients wash their lashes ensures that they stay clean and free of debris and oil-based cosmetics. It's also possible that they'll develop lash mites!

Avoid moisture!

If you don't have access to a nano mister, inform each customer that they must wait 24 hours before applying any type of moisture to their eyelash extensions! For some clients, this is a long time to delay taking a hot shower, cooking on the stove, or exercising! Ascertain that they are aware of this before to their service so that they can prepare appropriately. If water molecules are introduced to their eyelash extensions too quickly, their lashes may fall out nearly immediately.

Keep oil away from your lashes.

Oil-based products are to be avoided at all costs! This section is difficult since it does not end there. Any facial product has incredible seeping power. Face cleansers, moisturizers, and makeup all fall within this category. Even if we avoid the eye area, these compounds can seep so deep into our skin that they can reach our lash follicles! You should also inform your consumers that oil-based body lotions can cause retention problems without them even realizing it!

Don't rub or touch the lashes.

It's possible that rubbing eyelids or touching eyelash extensions is a completely unconscious habit. Some customers even touch their eyes while sleeping. Inform each client that doing so will cause their lash extensions to come out prematurely. The oils or lotions on their hands will break down the glue, requiring them to return for lash fills more frequently – which is not a good thing in this case!

Avoid sleeping on lashes

This is a tough guideline to follow. I'll confess it: I'm a face sleeper, and I'll never stop being one. Face sleepers are easy to spot, so if your consumers can avoid it, that's fantastic! If your clients are unable to avoid doing so, make them aware that it will affect their retention. This manner, they'll have reasonable expectations for eyelash extension retention and aftercare. To make the night easier on their extensions, suggest they use a satin/silk pillow case!

Extreme heat should be avoided.

Clients have physically come to me with burned lashes.  They've either gotten too close to the hot soufflé in the oven, or they've gotten too close to their cigarette or candle! These appear to be fairly evident problems. However, for people who have never had to be cautious near heat, this could be a nice talking point BEFORE it occurs. New lash clients have never had to worry about their natural lashes shriveling up in the presence of heat. Just make sure you talk to them about it before they come in believing their lashes are melting on their own.

Chemical peels and facials should be avoided.

There's no way to know whether chemical peels and procedures may cause retention concerns for our clients unless we deconstruct every chemical, product, and ingredient. If a customer requests it, the best plan of action is to fully avoid the eye area. As I previously stated, this will ensure that nothing seeps into that lash line.

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