All About Lashes: Diameter, Length and Curls

All About Lashes: Diameter, Length and Curls

Our clients often tell us what they want on their lashes, but it rarely matches what they truly need! Do you know how to pick the right diameter, length, and curl for each of your clients? So, let me to help you by breaking it down for you!

How to choose the right DIAMETER?

To begin, select a lash diameter that is appropriate for your client's eye shape. You can use the width of your client's NATURAL lash to select which lash extension to use! Although the goal is to match the natural diameter as closely as possible, there are a few cases where you may wish to go a little thicker. It's a good rule of thumb to match the diameter of the lash to the client's natural lash. Doesn't it look to be simple?

How to choose the right LENGTH?

And there's the lash length! Most of the time, the idea is to EXTEND those natural lashes. Next, figure out what kind of style they want! Are they looking for anything drastic? Do they want something subtle or something with a lot of punch? Longer lashes will appear wispy, while shorter lashes that are closer to the natural lash length will appear thicker and darker.

A quick note: Make sure your client's natural lashes can handle the weight of whichever of these two categories you choose. Some of my clients have beautiful lashes, but others have weak ones, and anything too long or heavy can destroy their natural lashes. If you come across a client with weak lashes, advise them to put off getting them and instead use a lash serum! 

How to choose the right CURL?

It's now time to select the lash extension curl. Hopefully, if you've been taught in lash extension course, you've learned about the various curls. If you're not sure, here's a quick rundown!
J Curl -  has the least amount of curl and looks the most like natural lashes, but isn't often used.
B Curl - the basic curl, which creates a highly natural look and is most usually used for the inner corner of the eyes to avoid touching the nose.
C Curl - the most common curl, which produces a noticeable but not dramatic curl.
D Curl - the most noticeable and dramatic curl, and it provides the most lift.
L Curl - designed for clients with hooded eyes, but not limited to.

If you're inexperienced with curl, I recommend digging deeper into that category. Following these simple steps when selecting lashes for each client will not only improve your ability to master any style, but will also ensure that you are doing what is best for your clients' natural lashes.

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