Everything About Promade Fans

Everything About Promade Fans

1. What are promade fans?

Do you actually know about promade fans? Let this part grasp all the detailed information you need to acquire about promade lashes.

Definition of promade fans

Promade fans are defined as handcrafted fans made from individual lashes before being applied to actual eyelashes. The specialists take a cluster of lashes in their hands and fan them out with eyelash extension tweezers, after which the roots of the lashes are glue-bonded to complete a volume fan. To assure the dimension and quality of the handcrafted fans, this intricate operation necessitates the use of expert technicians with extensive experience.

Characteristics of promade fans

The higher the quality of the materials used to make false lashes, the better the promade fans will be. Lashes for promade fans should be made from high PBT synthetic materials for the best softness, curl, and durability, in addition to the technicians' expertise.

Unlike traditional lashes, volume lashes used to construct promade fans have a thickness of less than 0.07mm, making them incredibly lightweight and reducing the strain on ground lashes. Furthermore, there are several prefabricated fans available with various curvatures and lengths to meet the needs of your customers.

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Promade fans in comparison with Premade fans

Promade fans are frequently confused with readymade fans due to the fact that they are new items. Many people believe they are the same, although they are distinct in two ways:


Premade and promade lashes have different followers and bases, despite the fact that they use the same production components. Promade fans are glue-bonded because they are handcrafted, which means technicians must dip the roots in enough glue to form a fixed fan. Handmade lashes also have a better curl and are more naturally fanned out. For increased durability and heat resistance, the heat-bonded process is frequently employed in the production of prefabricated fans.


Based on their productivity, each of these readymade fans has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The creation of promade fans necessitates the use of skilled experts and a significant amount of time, resulting in tiny volumes at a high cost. Premade fans, on the other hand, are more popular due to greater product availability and lower prices. The readymade fans, on the other hand, require a number of sophisticated production stages to be completed.

Furthermore, because the shape of promade fans is dependent on the hands of experts, it appears more natural than readymade fans. Handmade eyelashes have a better spread than prefabricated ones, making promade fans superior than premade fans.

Should we use promade fans?

"Should we use promade fans in the salon and for wholesale?" is the question to be asked.

Our answer is a loud YES. Despite the disadvantages of promade fans in terms of output, most women want a naturally beautiful lash line when they visit a salon for an eyelash extension, and that is what this product aims to achieve. Clients like promade fans because of their perfect curl and natural appearance, and they are willing to spend more for them. As a result, every salon should have ready-to-use volume fans in its glass holders. Promade lashes are profitable for wholesalers, in addition to the high demand for lash salons.

However, if clients are ready to wear a slightly thicker false lash line, promade fans should be utilized on strong real eyelashes. For clarification, promade fans' bases require two layers of adhesive to be fanned and put to the ground eyelashes, making the base thicker and heavier than readymade fans. As a result, before picking fans for their satisfying eyelash extension experience, consumers should be informed and given recommendations.

Where to find the best promade fans?

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