Eyelash Extension Tools and Products You Must Have

Eyelash Extension Tools and Products You Must Have

Eyelash extension tools and materials are sometimes referred to as "extras" by lash professionals... Then there are the MUST-HAVE tools and materials that no lash artist can go without!

High-quality Lashes

Eyelash extensions are a must-have for any service and something you should consider investing in. Clients wear them all day, every day, and will notice if you go for a low-cost one, and some may not be pleased! Invest on some high-quality lashes that will keep their curl while being natural-looking. 

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Tweezers are a must-have for lashing. To finish a lash job, you'll need two pairs of tweezers. You might wonder why. Isolation tweezers are the first set of tweezers you'll need to ensure a clean application by "isolating" each natural lash. This implies that no other natural lash or extension will attach to the natural lash you've chosen unless it's the one you're using. For a flawless application, isolation tweezers work to isolate your natural lash of choice. This is ensured by their ergonomic design.

Lashing tweezers are the next set of tweezers you'll need. Yes, one hand will hold isolation tweezers, while the other will hold lashing tweezers. Pick up and apply the lash extensions with the lash tweezers. Straight tweezers, which are used for classic lashes, or L-shaped or curved tweezers, which are used for volume lashes, are available.

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Lash Adhesive

Now for the thing that will literally keep everything together! Each service's adhesive is perhaps the most crucial component. It's critical for your career to find a reliable adhesive. Examine your alternatives and ensure that you have a suitable adhesive on hand for each function. 

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Lash Brushes

These babies will keep your lashes erect, in order, and separated throughout your service. If you don't brush your lashes, they can fully adhere at an odd angle, or worse... STICK! Lash brushes are useful for a variety of reasons, but the most important one is to keep everything separated. You might find yourself in a sticky (literally) scenario that a lash brush can't help you with, but 90% of the time, your lash brushes will be there for you.


Primer is required for each lash, for each customer, and for each service! Why? Because primer cleans the lashes and removes all debris and oils before applying mascara. This will make a significant difference in your client's retention, especially since we have no idea what they do or how they care their lashes once they leave the salon. It is up to them to adhere to the retention requirements. We can't control every facet of retention, but we can employ priming to help.