How to apply lash extensions correctly?

How to apply lash extensions correctly? - Eyesy Lash

Every lash artist strives to produce the ideal link between natural and synthetic lashes. However, even the best consultations and designs can result in premature shedding. This irritating side effect might leave any lash artist dissatisfied and confused.

You're not alone if you're having a hard time keeping your client’s eyelash extensions on. Our professionals have compiled a list of important lash attachment and positioning suggestions for customers to help them relax. Continue reading to find out how to boost client retention and satisfaction with each application.

Attach lashes along the lash line 0.5mm away from the skin.

Extensions must be placed 0.5mm away from the skin along the lash line, along with the natural eyelash. Two issues can arise if the extensions are not precisely put at the required distance.

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First, if the lash extension is positioned too close to the skin, the glue may seep into the skin, causing pain, and the lash may rub against the skin every time the client opens and shuts their eye. This can be exceedingly irritating, and it can even cause swelling, redness, and puffiness around the eyes.

Second, if the lashes are attached too far out from the natural lash, a visible gap occurs. Dirt and grease might become trapped beneath the lash extension if this happens. As a result, the lashes may prematurely fall out. You can even peel off the new lash set by snagging it on your lash brush.

Make sure the extension's base is securely fastened.

It's important to ensure that the base of the lash extension fully adheres to the natural lash, at least 2mm, regardless of the curl, length, or direction you use.

Natural lashes can become twisted or sideways. You may be tempted to lash on every single lash, but do it sparingly for better attachment. Eyelashes that are bent will not provide an adequate bonding surface and will fall out early.

The rule of 90 degrees

Each eyelash extension should be put at a 90-degree angle, according to the 90-degree rules. Instead of following the natural lashes' direction or your body posture towards the client, make sure you connect the lash at a 90-degree angle from the eyelid.

lash extension direction and angle

Some styles (such as the Cat-Eye) need placing the lash broader than the 90-degree angle. Even in this scenario, a 90-degree angle should be lashed from the inner corner to the center of the eye. (For a winged impression, the outer corner can have a wider angle.)

When lash extensions are applied to the inner corner of the eye at a broader angle than 90 degrees, it not only looks unappealing but can also be uncomfortable for the consumer.

Is it possible to apply a lash extension from the side?

In the world of lash extensions, there is no written rule about the way you should apply the extensions. Attaching from the side and bottom is also acceptable. Simply ensure that the extension's base is parallel to the natural lash and that there is enough bonding surface.

The most common and popular method is the top attachment. It's especially good for natural lashes that are straight and downward.


top, side, bottom attachment lash extension technique


The advantage of the side attachment approach is that it gives the lashes a broader appearance. This is especially effective on clients who don't have enough natural lashes. If your client's natural lashes are curled, however, this approach is not recommended. When the natural lashes have strong curls, it's difficult to get enough bonding surface from the side.

After the top attachment, the bottom attachment is the second most popular technique of attachment. This is especially effective on customers who have natural lashes that are curled and upward-looking.

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