How To Grow Your Lash Business On Social Media

How To Grow Your Lash Business On Social Media

Things change, and so does the way we run our lash business. Gone are the days when we printed a ton of fliers and spent a lot of time handing them out to individuals who would eventually toss them away, adding to the amount of waste on the planet.

We live in a digital age when you may run your lash extension business entirely from your mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets, and phones.

It got easy to market your firm online once you have these. There are several great social media platforms that are free to join and will undoubtedly be profitable if used appropriately.

I began by using Instagram and then progressed to other social media platforms.


Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to share photos and videos. I like how it works, and you can use it to promote your lash job and business.

You can share your work and include pertinent hashtags, geographical information, and call-to-action captions. Make sure your photos and videos aren't grainy and that the images are well-captured.

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You can add others who share your interests and communicate with them by sharing their posts, leaving comments, or simply following their accounts.

I enjoy their IGTV feature, which allows you to submit films longer than one minute and allows others to watch them. It adds up to your interaction, which has an impact on your account's algorithm.

Their Instagram stories are so appealing to use that you can use them to market things and link people to your website via swipe-ups.

I would definitely recommend this app since I find it to be quite useful, especially for our lash extension supply business, and it has even prompted a large number of people to schedule an appointment with us.

Best apps for Instagram business

1. VSCO for photo editing

VSCO is a photography mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones that was previously known as VSCO Cam. Joel Flory and Greg Lutze designed the app. Users can use the VSCO app to take images and edit them using preset filters and editing tools.

2. Light Room CC for enhancing images

Adobe Lightroom is a creative image organization and image manipulation software developed by Adobe Systems, as part of the Creative Cloud subscription family.

3. Instadown for downloading Instagram videos

You can use this app to download Instagram videos

4. Facebook 

You may share photographs and videos on Facebook in the same way that you can on Instagram. You can also do more on Facebook, such as sharing your blog posts, YouTube links if you have one, and join Facebook groups to expand your business by working with others.

5. Pinterest 

Pinterest is an American image sharing and social media service that uses pinboards to allow users to save and discover material on the internet using photographs and, on a smaller scale, animated GIFs and videos

6. Youtube 

Another helpful app that you can use on your advantage. Make use of this platform to show how you do your session.

7. Tiktok 

Who else is not on Tiktok, another popular app for you to dig in? Video sharing and getting you updated on the latest trend on social media.

3 ways to promote your business on social media

1. Post before and after photos 

We wanted to highlight how our lash work transforms people, and we know that seeing photographs like that inspires people.

2. Posting of live video 

People are fascinated by this, and they can observe the step-by-step technique for applying eyelash extensions.

3. High-quality pictures and videos

Make sure you've mastered the art of lash photography and videography. Invest in a high-quality phone or camera for taking these photos and movies.

Tips for great pictures

  • Make the photo and application of eyelash extensions pleasant to the eye. Proper angle and focus on the product, which is to highlight the lovely lash work
  • It makes a difference to have good lighting. The way you light your photograph will have a significant impact on the final product. A ring light is strongly recommended. Make sure your images aren't taken in direct sunlight.
  • Make the eyelash extensions the focus in your picture.
  • You should edit your photo before sharing it to bring out the greatest qualities and remove any flaws.
  • Engagement is very important. Make sure to respond to each and every comment or direct message; it's critical to show appreciation to those who took the time to comment on your postings.
  • Don’t forget to add hashtags to your posts so that your clients can find your business.
  • Choose your social media platform. Sometimes IG won't work for you, sometimes Facebook will give you a good number of clients.

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