How To Make Volume Lash Fans

As a lash artist, you must be able to make your own lash fans or make the appropriate volume fan. As lash artists, we need to perfect this skill.

It may appear to be simple, but creating a consistent-looking eyelash fan takes a lot of practice and dedication.

In this blog, I will be sharing with you some tips on how do you make the perfect lash fan.

Different eyelash fan technique

  • Shimmy Method

  • Rolling on the strip method

  • Pinch Method

Shimmy Method

Pinching and rolling are extremely similar. The lashes will be separated into lash fans by gently rolling them between your two fingers.

Pinch Method

This is a wonderful way for beginners to use when learning how to perform volume lash fans. Make sure you get the greatest tweezers you can find that are easy to use and grip.

To avoid losing any lash extensions, grab your eyelash extension and apply pressure to your lash tweezers with a heavy solid grip.

Pinch the base with your thumb and index finger, making sure your tweezers are totally closed.

Release pressure on the tweezers after squeezing the base and place your lash fans on your adhesive.

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How to prevent lash fans from collapsing? 

Lightly release the lash tweezers and dip the fan's leg into the lash adhesive. So, what occurs in that situation? Fans of the lash band together. Make sure you have a well-attached eyelash extension while applying the eyelash extension for improved retention.

When an extension is performed wrongly, it has a slim chance of surviving. The base of the eyelash extension and the natural lash should be flush with each other. This ensures a stable connection and longer-lasting extensions.

It's not always your glue that's causing early fallout; sometimes it's a problem with the attachment.

How to make lash fans with shorter lengths?

It's recommended to use shorter lengths for inner corners and shorter lashes, such as 4mm-5mm-6mm. Ideally. This will provide a more uniform lash set, as well as maintaining your client's lash integrity.

Long, heavy lashes will damage your clients' lashes and make them appear less attractive. So keep this in mind at all times.

How to hold tweezers properly?

This method keeps your wrist in a natural position, preventing tiredness and damage, while also ensuring that the tweezer grips the lash fans evenly.

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