How to Organize Lash Extensions: The Lash Palette

How to Organize Lash Extensions: The Lash Palette - Eyesy Lash

The lash palette will assist you in staying organized. Staying organized is one of the keys to success in your lash business. Being organized allows you to be more efficient with your time, allowing you to take on more clients in a day. This also means that more money will be made. Clients will appreciate it if you are prepared to go, especially for shorter lash fill appointments when they are pressed for time and/or stopping by during a lunch break.

To stay organized and make the most of your lashing time, we recommend keeping everything you need for the service nearby. Prepare to begin the service as soon as decisions on length, curl, and diameter have been made.

Whether you are a new or returning client, all appointments begin with an initial consultation or a follow-up "check-in" with the client about their desired lash length, curl, and thickness. Once this consultation has taken place, it is preferable to be able to get started right away. Take no time away from the client's appointment to fumble around for the lashes you require.

Using a labeled lash palette is one way to accomplish this. For quick and easy access, we recommend designating a separate lash palette for each of the most commonly used curls and diameters. On each tile, we also recommend labeling the curl and diameter. Then, line up the strips vertically from shortest (8mm at the top) to longest (15mm at the bottom) to quickly determine which lashes you are grabbing when working on the client. This also removes the guesswork, making it easier to pay attention to, or converse with, your client during the appointment.

We've discovered that lining up the lash strips in this manner not only keeps you more organized, but also leaves space between the strips, making it easier to grab the lashes off the strips quickly and efficiently, particularly when creating volume fans. This way, you can keep track of which lengths are running low and keep backups of those nearby for restocking your palette.

The lash palette will make your life so much easier!

Using these tips, as well as keeping your lash palette organized and tidy, will allow you to maintain a smooth flow and transition between appointments. This will benefit both you and your clients, especially if you have multiple appointments throughout the day.

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