How to use L Curl Lashes?

What are L curl extensions, and how do you use them? When should you use L curl lashes? How can you make my eyelash extensions go faster? 

In this post, you'll learn the differences between L curl lashes and other curls, how to do L curl eyelashes, lash mapping styles, eyelash extension speed lashing techniques, and more. But first, let's learn more about L curl eyelashes.

L Curl Lash Extensions: What are they?

L curl lashes have a straight base that transitions and lays flat on the client's natural lash; this is an ideal curl for monolid eyes and clients with very straight natural lashes. This curl will create a dramatic and attractive effect for your clients.

This lash curl is perfect for clients who have downturned lashes; the L curl is great for lifting lashes and clients with hooded eyes.

What are L curl lash extensions?

Make sure you don't confuse the L curl with the L+ curl. L curl lashes have a softer lifting curl than C and D curls and do not have a significant curve. With its sharp base, the L+ curl is similar to the L curl, but it has a somewhat curvier bend.


L curl vs L+ curl

L curl lashes: How you do it?

Because of their sharp base, L curl lashes can seem intimidating, but the truth is that this curl is really easy to work with.


The finest tweezer to use for L curl lashes is the L shape tweezer, whether you're using colored lashes, black lashes, or any other form of lashes. When holding the L curl lash fan with your tweezer, pick the fan above the bend of the L curl.

How do L curl lashes work?


If you work with clients who have downturned eyes, this curl is ideal for them. Because that eye shape needs a lot of lifting effects, which the L curl provides. It actually emphasized and provided a pleasant and gentle elevating sensation.

The application of volume lashes is appropriate for monolid eyes. You can use the diameter 0.05 and 0.07.

You can use any curls and lengths for almond eyes as long as your client's natural lashes can handle it. You can also use L curl lashes because they are not contraindicated for almond-shaped eyes.

How do you apply eyelashes to downturned eyes?


Brown lashes can be used instead of black lashes for a L curl. It will provide your clients a stunning appearance.  So, try and evaluate each client's lashes to see what style will work best for them.


Color Lash Extensions

Styles of lash mapping for L curl lashes

This curl has a large attachment area, which improves lash retention significantly. Additionally, every customer has the incredible benefit of a lifting impact and an open-eyed appearance. Make a note of these mappings so you may try them out on your clients!

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How to speed up the application of lash extensions using L curl lashes?


Work on the places that are challenging for you, which for many lash artists would be the inner corners. They usually take about 30% longer than the lash line in the middle. This is due to a large number of baby and hidden lashes. This is why I prefer to work on the inner and outer corners first, then the centre of the eye.


Lash tape is your greatest buddy, and you should try out a few different kinds to find the one that works best for you.


This advice is only useful if you already feel like you're working faster; if you try it as a beginner, it will have the opposite effect, resulting in poor retention due to your glue curing too quickly.

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L curl lashes are created to provide your clients a lovely lift impression. Clients with monolid eyes, lashes that point downwards, and older clients will benefit from this curl since it will offer them a wonderful lifting look.

L curls come in a wide range of styles today. There are LC, LU, LD, and L+ curls, as well as M curl, which is similar to L curl but differs somewhat in that it has a gentler bend and looks more like a D curl.

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