Tutorial: How To Work With Eyelash Layers

Tutorial: How To Work With Eyelash Layers - Eyesy Lash

In this blog, you'll learn about lashing in layers, working through the different eyelash layers, working in rows in a certain order, using lash fans while working, and more, but first, let's learn about the lash row.

What is lash row?

The majority of clients have 1 to 4 layers or rows, with some having more and some having less depending on the thickness of their natural lashes. As a lash artist, being able to work with rows will save you time, especially when working on difficult sets like volume and mega volume. It will also save you time when isolating.

Factor when working with lash rows

The first reason you should learn how to deal with lash rows is to avoid stickies, which will make your work look untidy and unclear. Isolating the portion you're working on correctly will ensure that this doesn't happen, and the second reason is to be mindful of the lash direction.

It's critical to be mindful of the direction while doing any set, thus working systematically in layers will ensure that your lash direction is symmetrical and appears to be traveling in the same direction. In volume and mega volume lashes, lash rows are crucial.

Tips when working with lash layers 

  • Tip 1: To make those lash layers visible and easier to deal with, choose the right tape. 
  • Tip 2: Put the extension under the natural lash for the top layer and on top of the natural lash for the bottom layer. 
  • Tip 3: To get the proper placement for those tricky bottom layers, make sure you're at the right spot. 

What sequence to work with lash rows?

1. The express technique 

When you're short on time, you can use this technique. This technique is ideal if you have multiple clients booked at the same time or if your client is tight for time.

This approach works well with traditional and light volume lash sets. It will take about an hour and a half to an hour and 45 minutes. Starting with the inner and outer corners of the lashes, fill one after the other, like the inner corner, outer corner, inner corner, followed by the midline with this technique.

You should try to fill the centre line as much as possible.

2. By the book technique 

It takes two and a half hours to complete this technique. You'll be working from the inner to the outer corners if you utilize this method. Begin with the inner corners, then move to the midline of the eye, and finally to the outer corners.

This method works well for high volume and mega volume.

3. Row by row technique 

Depending on whether you're doing a volume or a mega volume set, this process takes 3 and a half hours. Begin with the outside corner and work your way to the eye's midline, concluding with the inner corners.

Because the inner corners are the most difficult area for most lash artists, advanced lash artists will often use this technique because inner corners are relatively easy for them and they don't mind finishing with them.

Lash placement when working with eyelash rows

The bottom lash row is the one that is farthest away from the lash artist and the one that is closest to the client. It's critical to set your lash fan on the top, not the bottom, of that lash row. 

If you put it on the bottom, it could cause lash drooping, when the extension falls into the client's eyes. It's essential to always set the fan on top of the client's natural lash to avoid this from happening.


Working with layers and rows lets you to play around with different lengths and curls, resulting in gorgeous lash sets! The lash layering technique can be difficult and complex, especially if you're a beginner lash artist. Even skilled lash artists may struggle to reach the lower eyelash layers, which is why the majority of them employ the taping back technique to speed up their work.

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