What To Look For In Lash Extension Lighting

What To Look For In Lash Extension Lighting

Lighting is a huge aspect of mastering the art of lashing; how will you create great lashes if you don't have proper lighting?! So, before we get started, let's go over some lash extension lighting basics.

Natural-looking lighting 

The benefits of "natural light" are amazing, but it's not every day that a lash artist has a huge, beautiful window right next to their station (and what are the chances that the clouds will stay hidden away all the time anyways?). Finding professional lighting that closely resembles natural light is a lash artist's best bet. What's more, surprise! There are lighting systems and equipment specifically designed to create a "natural-like" light source. Instead of fluorescent lights, these lights employ LED lights. You'll want to avoid using fluorescent lights in your room entirely since, let's face it, they're just not that great.

Portable Lighting

We don't expect you to travel frequently, but you'll probably want to move around during your appointments. However, if you ever need to travel with it, you can! A portable and lightweight lash extension lighting system will make your life a whole lot easier. Look for anything that can be folded simply and comes with a travel bag. A portable mirror with lights is essential for capturing beautiful before and after photos.

Flexible Lighting

Lighting flexibility is also a must-have. Being able to modify not only the light's position, but also its brightness and intensity. Flexible lighting that can be adjusted will make a huge difference. When looking for lighting, go for something with a long goose neck (adjustable attachment or stem) and a variety of brightness settings. Some lights will include "filters." If you're a makeup artist, do your own makeup, or take selfies, these are fantastic! Filters, on the other hand, are irrelevant for lashing and don't bring much value to a lighting system.

Now let's get into the specifics: lash extension lighting brands! No one produces a lighting system exclusively for lash artists; instead, they try to cover all the bases (tattoo artists, makeup artists, lashes, estheticians, etc.). But, based on our personal experience, we've compiled a list of lights that seem to be the most popular among us lash-ionistas! The Glamcor Light, the Ring Light, and the Makeup Light! Keep in mind that these are our personal ideas and preferences based on us lash experience... What works for us might not always work for you!

The Ring Light

They are large and difficult to work around during a service, despite the fact that they produce wonderful light that can ideally wrap around your complete face without casting shadows. Many lash artists used one of these babies when they initially started, but it turned out not to be practical. It's big, and there's no goose neck, despite the fact that it's adjustable by angel! Not to mention, they're slightly top-heavy.

The Makeup Light

For makeup, the amazing Makeup Light is unbeatable. But it's all in the name, after all! This light was created specifically for makeup artists. Yes, it contains virtually everything you require, but not entirely. The light that this item produces is wonderful, but it isn't suitable for a lashing situation in our opinion. The goose neck is really short, making lashing difficult, and it is extremely pricey! This light should be used for a picture session or video filming rather than for lashes.

The Glamcor Light

This magnificent little piece of lash heaven has it all! It makes use of LED lights to produce the most natural white light possible. It consists of two independent lights, each with a gooseneck stem. Each lash appointment is made easier with the swivel and adjustability of the two lights!

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