Lady Black Glue 5ml (Eyelash Extension Adhesive)

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    Lady Black Glue is the perfect premium lash adhesive for both new and experienced lash technicians. With a speedy drying time of 1-3 seconds and the most extended retention period on the market, your clients will leave you feeling loved and become lifelong happy customers.

    • Application: Classic & Volume 
    • Curing Time: 1-3 Seconds 
    • Humidity: 40-70%
    • Temperature: 18-28 Degrees Celsius
    • Viscosity: Medium
    • Fume Level: Low to Medium fume
    • Retention time: 4-6 Weeks


    - Please only use this product for eyelash application
    - Do not let glue touch skin and eyes
    - After opening, keep the cap closed and discard it after 2 months from opening
    - Avoid direct sunlight 1 hour before the procedure and store at room temperature
    - During the procedure, there may be a shortening of the eyes, but the glue disappears entirely as the glue is completely cured
    - Ideal environment for eyelash extension is 18°C ~ 28°C (68°F ~ 84.2°F) temperature and 40% ~ 70% humidity


    - If you do not use glue, it is recommended to keep it at a low temperature. If possible, refrigerate in a refrigerator for a long time
    - Glue should be stored upright. If you keep it in a tipping state, the hardening speed can be accelerated
    - If you store it in the refrigerator, it is more effective when you put it at room temperature 1 ~ 2 hours before the procedure
    - The shelf life of glue is about 6 months from the date of purchase and about 2 months at the time of opening


    Ideally, store at temperatures between 2º - 10ºC (35º-50ºF) in the fridge if you haven't opened them. Once taken from the fridge, please wait until it is back to room temperature before use. You can wait 5-10 minutes or hold them in your palm. Opened glues are recommended to store in an airtight container in either dry rice or in silica gel packs.

    Ingredients:  Alkoxy2-cyanoacrylate, Ethyl cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl methacrylate, pigment, and scent.