Tips & Tricks For Eyelash Extensions

How to apply lash extensions correctly? - Eyesy Lash
Every lash artist strives to produce the ideal link between natural and synthetic lashes. However, even the best consultations and designs can result in premature shedding. This irritating side effect might leave any lash artist dissatisfied and confused. You're not...
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How To Recognize A Lash Allergy - Eyesy Lash
Every lash technician's spine tingles when they hear the words "lash allergy." And with good reason. You effectively lose a client once they develop one, especially if the majority of your job involves lash extensions. It's unfortunate, but the comfort...
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Pro-made vs Pre-made Volume Lash Fans - Eyesy Lash
Lashing is, without a doubt, an art form. It's like comparing using crayons in a coloring book to painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel if we compare the classic lash technique to the volume technique. We'll admit that was...
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